Salesforce Training

Salesforce provides some great training materials, both online, in print, by video and also the TrailBlazer programs.

However, many SME businesses simply do not have time to attend this type of training, and if they have a customised Salesforce Org, then the standard training materials no longer apply.

We have provided custom training to many of our clients, either as a set classroom environment or as an on-going process. We can build a plan based on your business processes and deliver a bespoke training plan for your users.

Read our Case studies on some of our current Salesforce Training Plans.

Salesforce Leads v Opportunities

Salesforce Leads v Opportunities

Salesforce Training   Salesforce Training on a simple Sales Pipeline of Leads and Opportunities Over the years many of our clients have asked us to explain the difference between Leads and Opportunities in Salesforce.  There is often a heated debate on this...
Salesforce Leads v Opportunities

Salesforce Sales Pipeline

Training in Salesforce We often receive calls from Organisations who want some form of Salesforce training.  Generally, they have Salesforce in place but feel they are not using it as well as they should and therefore are not getting value for money.  Salesforce is...