Salesforce Configuration

Salesforce is a simple tool to configure and setup.

The problem is where do you start? With a User manual of over 4000 pages long and a huge help Portal and can seem a daunting task to carry out even a simple configuration on your Salesforce Org.

We have many years of experience in configuring Salesforce installations and can, therefore, handle all of your configuration requirements and give you the best advice regarding your options. Don’t try and become a Salesforce expert, concentrate on your business and allow us to help you manage how Salesforce helps your business grow!

Read our Case studies on some of our current Salesforce Configurations.

Salesforce Data Loading

Salesforce Data Loading

Salesforce Data Loading Data loading options into Salesforce We received the files from the client and worked on validating them to be ready for loading.  This is a complex task which we will try and explain.  Salesforce™ has some data import wizards for importing...